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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Arrow 1x8 - "Vendetta"

Pound for pound, arrow for arrow, the best episode of Arrow yet. And the violentest. Most violentest. Violence galore. Dead bodies. Arrows in body parts. Bullets in the face! "I don't speak Chinese but I'm assuming you said goodbye!" says Helena. BLAM BLAM KABLAMMO! No mercy from the Huntress.

Oliver tried, man. He tried to save his new girlfriend from a life of homicidal rage and confusing justice for vengeance. He even enabled her; he gave her sexy archery lessons and gave her a crossbow and a sexy new suit. "Does it come in purple? I love purple." I liked how when Helena stormed out on him in the end, she of course had no inclination to give back the weapons and suit he provided her. These entitled rich kids.

Speaking of entitled rich kids, Oliver uttered a line of dialogue to Tommy that I don't believe has been uttered by anyone in human history: "My trust fund is your trust fund." Tommy instead accepted Oliver's offer of a General Manager position at his upcoming new night club. Progress on the nightclub has been slow because Oliver's been busy boning trying to save Helena Bertinelli. What a heartwarming moment between Oliver and Tommy. #HugItOut

The impromptu double date between Oliver, Helena, Tommy and Laurel - by the way, that's Green Arrow, The Huntress, Merlyn, and Black Canary at a fancy restaurant together - couldn't have been more awkward. It started off with Laurel threatened by Helena and ended with Helena storming off, furious at Oliver for still loving Laurel, after Tommy stormed off furious at Laurel for outing Tommy as broke and needing a job. That might have been the worst dinner date in superhero television history.

Meanwhile, Walter Steele is getting ever closer to finding out what evil lurks in the heart of his wife Moira Queen. I like the relationship between Walter and his girl Friday Feliciity. Though he was kind of right to threaten her for continuing to investigate Moira without his authorization, Walter also knew if anyone could figure out the secret to how to read the Maurader's Map ink of the book Walter found with the mysterious symbol it was Felicity.

So we learned that Oliver is deep down a hero. Helena, who sparked a gang war between the Mafia and the Triad so she could murder her father in the woods in cold blood, is not. Oliver's also a lonely guy with a ridiculously jacked physique, so it's hard to blame him for being so into a hot lady who also likes to dress up in leather and hunt bad people in the dark of night.

But if there's a real hero in all this, it's John Diggle.

I fucking love this guy. Diggle is the shit. He was having nothing to do with Helena when she showed up at the Arrow Cave. "Great, she knows my name." And he was right about her all along. And while he sort of threatened to quit, he wasn't gonna, because he believes in Oliver Queen and this crazy mission they're on. Although he might be more alarmed if Dig knew to what extent Oliver compromised himself to Helena, telling her about The List and everything. Then both Oliver and Diggle would probably end up right back at Big Belly Burger eating their feelings.

Mid-season finale next week with a... Dark Archer...? Wha--?