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Monday, April 24, 2006

Silent Hill (**1/2)

Fell asleep about fifteen minutes into Silent Hill. I was tired.  Periodically, I opened my eyes to see if I should try to pay attention, decided I didn't need to.  Finally, in the last half hour, I figured I'd see how it ends so I stayed awake.  Despite sleeping through most of the movie, I got the gist of it. There was one point where the Borg Queen was burning people at the stake.  She yelled “Burn her!” almost as often as the vampires in Underworld yelled, “Leave us!” After around the third "Burn her!" I turned to Lance and said, "That's her answer to everything."  Then Radha Mitchell basically said the same dialogue: "You think burning is the answer!"  I said to Lance, "See? I can write this shit in my sleep."  Lance liked Silent Hill a lot.  I've got nothing against it.