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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Smallville 8x9 - "Abyss"

Could Smallville's new creative team be old TNA fans? That's the only reason I can think of for naming this week's episode "Abyss" and then topping it off with a preview for next week that showed DOOMSDAY! (Where's Father James Mitchell when you need him?)

DOOMSDAY! crashes Chloe's wedding to Jimmy Olsen next week. And it is Doomsday. The Armageddon Creature. A CGI monster with bony protrusions. They only showed a few seconds of it in the trailer but it's Doomsday. (Lana's back next week too, but Doomsday's the guest of honor.)

This week was the set up: Brainiac has taken refuge in Chloe's brain and began stripping her of her memories and replacing them with Kryptonian data, specifically the Kryptonian symbol for "Doom". Through Chloe, Brainiac has been attempting to contact Doomsday. Not coincidentally, Chloe and Davis Bloome, Doomsday's human form, have gotten tight this season, with Davis having serious unrequited feelings and pretty much throwing himself at her.

As Chloe's condition worsened, Clark decided to make nice with Jor-El in the Fortress of Solitude. Jor-El agreed to purge Chloe of Brainiac, but the price would be her losing her knowledge and memories of Clark being Kryptonian. Clark willingly gives up Chloe being his Girl Friday in the know because everyone who ever learned his secret has suffered and/or died.

And so Clark saves Chloe's life, Jor El gives her back her memories, and all is well for Chloe to marry Jimmy. (Having "forgotten" Clark is an alien, whether or not she remembers she runs the Isis Foundation and why isn't dealt with.) Except when purged from Chloe's brain, Brainiac went on to infiltrate the Fortress's crystal computers, seemingly gaining control over the Jor El avatar as well. Clark is unaware of this and, thinking he and his dead Kryptonian father's disembodied voice have finally reached an understanding, Clark calls Jor El "father" for the first time.

A week from now, Clark meets Doomsday and could take a dirtnap. If Clark "dies" in Lois' arms after the fight, my head might explode.