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Friday, October 7, 2011

Charlie's Angels aka The Beat Up Minka Kelly Show (Updated)

October 7, 2011

In Charlie's Angels episode 3 - "Bon Voyage, Angels" - The Beat Up Minka Kelly Show took beating up Minka Kelly to the next level. This was as violent a beating up of Minka Kelly as you could ask for. She gets into a fight with an armed guard and he smashes the living shit out of her.

 Minka gets her arm wrenched.
 She gets chokeslammed.
 He punches her bloody in the face again...
And again.

She somehow rallies and wins the fight, knocking the guard out with a shovel and poses victorious all bad ass-like.  

But what the hell? Minutes after that brutal beating, she's cover girl pretty immediately. A little scratch. No bruises. No ill effects whatsoever. 

Is Minka Kelly Wolverine?

September 29, 2011

Charlie's Angels could be renamed The Beat Up Minka Kelly Show. Last week, Minka Kelly was backhand slapped to draw blood from her mouth, strung up, and tortured by electrocution.

This week, Minka Kelly was shot in the arm. 

What happens next week?! 

It's important to note that despite the lickings she takes, none of it stops Minka Kelly for even a second. She shrugs it all off and bounces right back to her quickly-becoming-trademark head tilting and surly snarls. Bless her.