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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

No Confidence

Last night on Monday Night RAW, most of the WWE locker room (minus notable absentees like John Cena and CM Punk) staged a vote of No Confidence against Chief Operating Officer Triple H, citing "unsafe working conditions" among other grievances. Not only did the wrestlers walk out on their COO, so did the announcers, referees, and even the camera men.  It seems the WWE roster at large won't need the help of Padme Amidala to push through a vote of No Confidence on Chancellor Valorum Helmsley.

The best single performance in the No Confidence segment was from William Regal. He was an ocean of emotional turmoil at ringside. His facial expressions told the story - it was killing him to be out there passing judgment on one of his best friends and ultimately siding against him with the rest of the roster. Watch Regal's reactions while Wade Barrett was speaking and then how he locked eyes with Hunter as he walked up the ramp with the others. Regal deserves a Slammy for that performance.

The No Confidence meeting was a new and totally different way to end RAW. I rather enjoyed it. Hell, I wanted it to be longer - I'd like to have heard EVERYONE's grievance.

"Daniel Bryan - why are YOU out here? Mad about Triple H not investigating the mystery of two Sin Caras?"

"Rosa Mendes - why are YOU out here? No really, what the hell could be the matter?"

"Tyler Rex - Yes, I know who you are. What's YOUR problem?"

And so forth.

Quite frankly, I agree with Triple H's points. Whatever happened to just fighting? You take a licking, you come back the next week, and you give worse than you got. That's what this business is all about.

The poster child for Triple H's regime? Kelly Kelly.

At Hell in a Cell the night before, Kelly Kelly was humiliated, double teamed by the Divas of Doom, and lost the Divas Championship to Beth Phoenix. Did she lie down and take it? Run to the COO and complain about the unfairness of it all? No! She turned into a psychotic screaming banshee and tried to murder Beth Phoenix.

Kelly Kelly is more man than that entire roster who walked out. I have more Confidence in her than the rest of those babies put together.

The rest of WWE could stand to be more like Kelly Kelly.