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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Revolution 1x10 - "Nobody's Fault But Mine"

Am I right? Come on. Aaron Google Man sitting down cross legged and waxing philosophical about everything wrong with the Monroe Militia and Revolution as a whole in a meta way would have been way more entertaining than just lighting some dynamite and blowing a hole in the Power Plant wall for the Matheson family to escape.

Geez, that Matheson family. Seeing Charlie, Miles, Danny and Rachel all together... man, these guys are worse than the Skywalkers. Everything in Revolution literally revolves around this one family. This one blonde family, except for Miles. 

Since they sprung for Led Zeppelin music last week, Revolution missed a prime opportunity to use some Springsteen as the soundtrack for Miles and Charlie's group's arrival in the streets of Philadelphia.

Flashbacks this week were excessive. We saw Miles and Monroe fighting to create their Republic Five Years after the Blackout, complete with jokes about modern weaponry soon being depleted and having to learn how to sword fight "like pirates". Then a Flashback to Two Years before the Blackout - mind you, 17 years before the show's "present day" - and the characters look exactly the same. Neither aged a day in 17 years. Just ever so slightly varying amounts of stubble. Overdoing it was a third set of Flashbacks to when Miles and Monroe were young boys, brothers in fake M tattoos on their wrists.

The confrontation between Miles and Monroe was Revolution's Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Vader meeting on the Death Star moment. Monroe's men, especially Jacob from Lost, were conveniently not around for the heart to heart between Monroe and Miles, then showed up to interrupt the sword fight. What were they all doing in the interim? They took their sweet time chasing Miles and Rachel after they ran out of that room where Rachel killed that Bloodthirsty Psycho Dude. I liked Jacob asking Monroe to let him kill Miles. "You? You couldn't even kill the Smoke Monster."

I didn't get Miles' scheme at the beginning. As soon as they went to that apartment to get Charlie medical aid for her bleeding head, Miles mysteriously left. Charlie, Nora and Aaron get captured by Neville. (Plus, Neville sticks a syringe in Charlie's neck to knock her out, but Charlie was totally awake and kicking and screaming soon after when they threw her in Rachel's cell. What was the point of the syringe?) When Neville finds Miles in his house with a sword to his wife's throat, Miles indicated he knew Neville would find them so he came here to hold his wife hostage. That was Miles' plan? To have his people captured so that Neville would acquiesce to this hostage negotiation and give his people back to him? Miles didn't even ask for Nora and Aaron. He only specifically asked for Charlie and Danny. So he would have had to lead a rescue mission to get Nora and Aaron back anyway. Wha--?

I'm presuming it's Neville in the helicopter at the end aiming the gatling gun at the Matheson clan. This must be his revenge for Miles R-Kelly-ing him, leaving him trapped in the closet.

And with that Revolution goes dark. Until March.