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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Revolution 1x7 - "The Children's Crusade"

If there was a high point to last week's episode of Revolution, it's when Charlie got slapped in the face.

Number of times Charlie got punched in the face and knocked out this week: 2.

Number of times Charlie was called a bitch: 1.

And scene.

Wait, other stuff happened too. In the interminable march to Philadelphia to find Danny and save him from a fate worse than sitting in a well-appointed room, eating three square meals, and hanging with his mom under the aegis of Monroe, Charlie and company meet a bunch of stupid kids. They are literally stupid, as in they seem uneducated. The Revolution version of Peter Pan's Lost Boys. Their parents are dead, they mistrust adults, and the Militia kidnaps them and indoctrinates them as their new recruits.

The lead boy lost his older brother to the Militia and Charlie feels like this is a lot like what happened to her brother, because it is. Miles, meanwhile, feels guilt because he laid down the rules of kidnapping kids for the Militia when he was General Miles Matheson.

Once again, the plan involves sending Charlie in alone with the barest wisp of a plan that's bound to fail and backfire, requiring Miles to rescue her. Charlie infiltrates the Barge where the Militia indoctrinates the kids, her barest wisp of a plan fails and backfires, and Miles and Nora have to go save her. Two swords against the... half dozen or so?... Militia soldiers on the Barge. Guess who wins.

For her troubles, Charlie gets captured and gets a tattoo of the Militia "M" burned into her wrist. Luckily, her last name also begins with "M". Charlie also murders the evil Militia lieutenant, yet another in the long line of Terrible Actors, in cold blood, the old sword to the gut. She's getting awful good at that.

While everyone was at the Barge, Google Beard Aaron was holed up in an abandoned lighthouse with the Lost Boys. Some Milita men check out the lighthouse and in the process of hiding, the Amulet of Power lights up the lighthouse, dazzling everyone on the Barge with the POWER OF ELECTRIC LIGHT, allowing Miles, Charlie and Nora to get their victory. Later, Miles demands to know what happened and gets the lowdown on the Amulets of Power. He wants to smash it, but Charlie puts a stop to it. But after all this time, Miles now knows it was this Amulet his brother Ben died for.

In Philadelphia, Danny hangs out with his mom Rachel and we realize, between this kid and the kid who played her son in V, somehow Elizabeth Mitchell was doomed to play mother to some terrible young actors. Rachel's subplot involves her old co-worker Before The Blackout being captured by Monroe's people for his amulet. They have Rachel try to finesse the Amulet's location out of him, but when that fails, they just kidnap his daughter and threaten to kill her. The direct approach is always better for results.

In Flashbacks, we find Rachel when he was pregnant as Ben and his team introduce their Amulet of Power technology to Department of Defense honcho Colm Feore. Turns out the technology was supposed to create clean energy but instead it completely takes electricity away. Howzat? Also, Rachel has complications in her pregnancy with Danny, but Colm Feore creepily offers her a quid pro quo that anyone else would run away from as fast as they can, but not on this show.

Big Shocker: Grace, the black woman who had the working computer in her house, is not dead and is a prisoner of Monroe. She is approached by Colm Feore, still immensely creepy 15 years later. Also, no one has aged a day, judging from how they look in the Flashbacks.

Line of the episode, from Miles to Charlie: "It's irritating when a dumb kid tells you what to do, isn't it?" Aw, who'd want to punch this face?