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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Revolution 1x9 - "Kashmir"

I skipped recapping Revolution last week because, let's face it, no one really cared. The main dealie from last week is Nora's bounty hunter sister stole the Pendant of Power from Aaron Google Man and brought it to the Militia who brought it to Monroe.

This week is the penultimate episode of the first half of the season before the break until March. And "All Will Be Revealed". How do we know? Because that's the important line from Led Zeppelin "Kashmir". Zeppelin's music is trumpeted as being featured in the episode, and boy, was it dumb.

Battlestar Galactica used "All Along The Watchtower" brilliantly. Revolution used "Kashmir" dumbingly, hitting us over the head with obviousness while being a non-event. The song appears in one scene where Miles, high from oxygen deprivation, imagines he finds himself in Monroe's office and the two of them have a conversation full of vagaries. Lines like "You couldn't do it" are bandied about, and we learn that Miles tried to assassinate him before he "retired" from the Militia. "All Will Be Revealed"...? Not really.

Apparently, in Revolution, if you're deprived of oxygen and you're a Matheson, you can enter the Nexxus. It happened to Charlie too after she was shot. Not really shot, the bullet grazed her forehead and she was KO'd. But while she was out, she traveled to the Nexxus where she experienced Joy. Well, not really. She saw her dead dad, who invited her to stay with him in the Nexxus. But in the real world, Miles was trying desperately to revive her. Not with CPR or anything, but by shaking her by the cheek and yelling at her. It was enough! Charlie heard Miles hollering her name and decided she couldn't stay in the Nexxus. She had an even easier time leaving the Nexxus than Captain Picard did. Yet she failed to ask her dad to come back with her to help her stop Monroe from destroying Veridian III.

Those who aren't Mathesons had different reactions to oxygen deprivation. Nora imagined she was bitten by an alligator. Aaron Google Man was visited by his wife, the one he abandoned in the woods, and it was basically a quickie rehash of the flashbacks from a couple of episodes ago. We learned nothing new. The other people with them presumably also had reactions to the oxygen deprivation, but the show decided they weren't interesting enough - or maybe too interesting - to show us.

The plot was Charlie, Miles, Aaron, and Nora made it to the outskirts of Philadelphia. The city is a fortress, so they seek out the Resistance to help them enter the subway tunnels into the city. The main guy helping him is That Guy From Dollhouse, and shocking! He was evil! He's a double agent working for Monroe! He even kills his fellow Resistance members, a motley group we're never introduced to or care about, except for one archer named Ashley, whom Aaron Google Man has a brief conversation with before she eats a bullet.

Oh, Charlie stepped on a mine that they're able to run away from before it exploded. But wait. Mines work? I don't know the technical makeup how a mine works, but apparently, mines are immune from the power being out. In the end, Charlie and Miles settled whatever lingering issues they had - i.e. they're at a point now where Miles can't quit and abandon her anymore, he's stuck - and they decided to go face Monroe together.

And how is Monroe doing? Swell. He had Rachel in the secret Militia labs building a generator that she claimed can enhance the Pendants of Power's range to half a mile. So, she says, "it can power tanks and planes." How fucking useful is a plane with a half a mile range??

But Rachel wasn't really building a generator. She was building a bomb. Monroe was really, truly, deeply offended by this betrayal. After all, he gave her an ornately appointed room in his colonial estate, and meals and everything for years, and he didn't rape her like he probably thought about doing, and this is how she repays him? Monroe tells Neville to have her executed since Monroe has the Pendants and that other guy who used to work with her and her husband creating the Pendants. So Rachel, rather cleverly, stabs the other guy to death, maintaining Monroe's dependence on her being alive. She's clever, that Rachel Matheson.

And what of Danny? You know, Danny? The brother Charlie spent 9 episodes trying to reach and save? Dunno. The show hasn't deemed him fit to be shown in the last two episodes. Presumably he's also enjoying the plush accommodations his mom was enjoying.

Next week: Miles meets Monroe (not in the Nexxus)! Charlie sees Danny again! There'll probably be a sword fight! (There wasn't this week.) And All Will Be Revealed (music by Led Zeppelin not included)!