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Thursday, December 4, 2014

What Up With Skynet?


Commence Skynet/Terminator rant: 

Skynet is a really weird computer when you think about it. It wants to destroy all humans. Cool. Nuclear missile launch seems like a logical means to do that. Building human-skinned cyborgs to fight what's left of the humans fighting back? Okay. A bit of an odd tactic, but you can buy it. Then Skynet makes a rather remarkable leap to time travel as its next tactic. I mean, it built a time machine pretty fast. You don't just build a time machine, but Skynet did just that. And then it decides to send one Terminator to kill one woman, instead of oh, every Terminator back to 1904 or something, when people really would be unprepared for genocide by robots. Of course, the dangers of time travel is going back in time too far and wiping out the potential of your own existence. Anyway, when the Kill Sarah Connor plan fails, Skynet decides to do it again - it sends a different Terminator to kill a different Connor in the past; a plan that also fails. What's the definition of insanity again?

Still, I'd love to hear a hard-hitting sit down interview with Skynet. Ask it the hard questions. What is your deal? Why do all of that? Why stay on Earth? You can build a time machine, so why not build spaceships and take your show to Mars or the Moon or wherever? You don't need oxygen or soil or even sunlight. Why go through the ridiculous trouble of time machines and time paradoxes? And why keep doing it over and over and over?

Man, Skynet is crazy. OR, it's stuck in a loop.

Nonetheless, fingers crossed for Terminator: Genisys: