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Monday, May 16, 2011

Game of Thrones 1x5 - "The Wolf and the Lion"

This is the halfway mark of the season and business has appropriately picked up.

I really liked the scene where Bran was being quizzed on the great houses, their sigils, and their family mottos. I kind of gave myself a similar quiz a while back. Nerd alert!

In the list of most disturbing scenes in Game of Thrones, we have a new number one most disturbing: The hysterical, over the top scene in the Eyrie when we met Catelyn's sister Lysa, whose son is still breastfeeding at like age 10. Everything about that scene was beyond fucked up.

The scene with Robert and Cercei as they discussed how their loveless marriage is the only thing holding the tenuous peace in the realm together is the best moment in the series so far. For a brief moment, there was almost warmth between them. There was certainly understanding of who the other is, and how the ghost of Ned's sister has always been between then and their marriage was a hopeless sham from day one. From a writing, acting, directing, editing standpoint - everything - that was just incredibly well done.

That scene wasn't in the book. Nor was the intimate scene with Renly Baratheon and the Knight of Flowers when the Knight pushed the idea of Renly becoming King after Robert. Renly's homosexual? That's news to me. Also new was the scene with Theon and Roz the prostitute. 

Holy crap, there was a shit ton of nudity in this episode and Daenerys wasn't even in it. Also, a shit ton of violence. But just enough of Arya being awesome.

So, has anyone who is only watching the show put the pieces of Ned's investigation together as to why Jon Arryn was killed?