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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Game of Thrones 1x3 - "Lord Snow"

Bran is alive! Thank the gods! But he remembers nothing and he'll never climb again.

Where were the direwolves this week? I thought Bran's wolf would never leave his side. Maybe it just didn't want to hear the creepy old wet nurse's creepy stories.

They worked very hard to get across the idea that the Night's Watch is a ragtag band of misfits sorely unready to hold back an incursion of the creepy crawlies from the north. They were successful in that regard, but what do they really expect Tyrion to do about it?

New scenes not in the book was Cercei listening to Joffrey's ideas of what he'd do when he's king and shooting down his crazy notion of conquering and holding Winterfell. Also, the scenes with Robert getting drunk and yelling at Jaime Lancaster and Jaime and Cercei's tete-a-tete in her chambers. The show is doing a good job keeping the Lannisters in the mix as they're insidious background players, at least in the first half of the book.

Delighted to see Aiden Quinn (Tommy Carcetti from The Wire) as Littlefinger. The dagger that carved up Catelyn's hands when the assassin tried to kill Bran is his, but was won by Tyrion in a bet. Is Tyrion the one who made the call to have Bran killed?

Not a lot of action but quite a bit of intrigue this week, setting up bigger stuff to come.

I leave you with a couple of Tweets:

Anyone who makes an inappropriate "Needle" joke about Arya Stark is a terrible, terrible person. #GameofThrones

The Dothraki pregnancy textbook "Blessings From The Great Stallion". Chapter 3: Fondle breast, ask when she last bled. #GameofThrones