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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Game of Thrones 1x6 - "A Golden Crown"

Wherein Viserys Targaryen the Beggar King received his golden crown. It played better than I hoped from what was in the book. Also, big ups to Harry Lloyd. His performance infused genuine pitiable humanity into Viserys, who was much more of a selfish, deluded one note character in the book. In fact, I'd say Viserys is the biggest idiot in the book.

On the show, Harry Lloyd gave Viserys more dimensions, especially when he told Mormont how the "greatest dynasty the world has ever known" has been on his shoulders since he was five years old. And Viserys was never up to it. "No one has ever given me what they gave her in there." I felt more pity for him than Daenerys did the way it played on the show.

But it's the truth: "He was no dragon!"

Everything regarding Tyrion in the Eyrie outsmarting his captors and earning his freedom was note-perfect. Loved his smug courtsey bow at the end. He could have gone on and on "confessing his sins" as far as I was concerned. That was hilarious stuff, all of it true, no doubt.

Man, do I hate Lysa Arryn and her creepy little tit-sucking son.

Stuff I noticed was different or new from the book, though there wasn't too much new this week, I don't think:

Viserys' conversation with Mormont while trying to steal the dragon eggs where he calls Mormont out for secretly lusting after Daenerys. I don't recall that happening in the book, and it's not until book two that Daenerys herself realizes Mormont wants her and we get the story of Mormont and his wife. 

There was also the scene with Theon Greyjoy and his prostitute on the turnip truck. 

The most significant new scene was Robert hunting with Barrister, Renly and that Lannister kid where Renly bitched Robert out and went storming off. 

However, I'm rather shocked the show omitted the crazy ass sex scene between Daenerys and Kahl Drogo with all the Dothraki watching that followed Daenerys eating the heart and naming her son Rhaego.

Loved the training scene with Syrio and Arya. I already think Syrio is a better teacher to Arya than Obi-Wan Kenobi was to Luke Skywalker.

Great scene with Sansa and Arya where Arya says, "Joffey's a Baratheon. His sigil is the stag, not the lion." And that clicked a light switch in Ned's head. So, have you guessed the Secret That Got Jon Arryn Killed yet?

"The seed is strong!"

Finally, my Tweets for the week:

No one has done anything grosser to get in good with their in-laws than Daenerys Targaryen eating that bloody heart. #goldencrown

Making the Eight. If King Robert added a Dothraki horse girl to his list of conquests, would that be Making the Neigh-ne? #goldencrown

Poor Theon Greyjoy, watching his prostitute ride away. If his last name were Sumner, he could write a song about it. #roxanne #goldencrown