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Friday, September 2, 2011



To quote Homer Simpson: "You know what's great about you English? Octopussy. I must have seen that movie ...twice." James Bond makes his as-yet one and only pilgrimage to India, battling jewel thieves and terrorist millionaires with no help from slumdogs. After taking a pleasantly serious detour in For Your Eyes Only, the Bond series resumed its descent to self-mockery - such as a snake charmer playing the 007 theme song when Bond walks by. James Bond in clown makeup is a series all-time low. By this late point in his tenure, Roger Moore has gotten a little long-in-the-tooth to play 007. Maude Adams, as Octopussy, is more of a sourpuss. Adams is outsexied by her fellow Bond Girl Karina Lombard, but it's clear Moore feels more comfortable playing love scenes with the older Adams. The late Louis Jourdan as the villainous Kamal Khan is one of the highlights. And the title, of course. They'd never get away with that title today.