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Friday, September 30, 2011

Community 3x2 - "Geography of Global Conflict"

Earth-2 is out there. You can't ignore it forever.

This episode was a model showcase of the Community I know and love.

Model UN was incredible. CRISIS ALERT! Troy's Georgia accent. Pierce's making Somalia sound like a vacation paradise. "Switzerland is very concerned about Earth-2." "Uruguay kindly requests that Somalia stop pronouncing it 'Uru-gay'." Greendale Model UN > Real UN. Plus
Martin Starr! Martin Fucking Starr!

But My God. My God! Gillian Jacobs! Last season, it became clear to me she is the sleeper breakout star of this show. Britta sneakily became my favorite character last season. Gillian Jacobs was incredible in this episode, N-Words!

And then she spit in Chang's face!

I heart Gillian Jacobs to infinity.

Are we Facebooking this?!