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Friday, September 2, 2011

You Only Live Twice


"Welcome to Japan, Bond-san." To date, the only Bond adventure set in Japan and the most outlandish and excessive Bond of the Sean Connery era. But You Only Live Twice is also a personal favorite. Bond chases SPECTRE to their hidden Japanese volcano headquarters, complete with armies of SPECTRE agents in identical uniform, to rescue kidnapped American astronauts and foil Blofeld's plot to dominate the space race. The best stuff is Bond's initial arrival in Japan as he inflitrates a Japanese corporation, attends a sumo match, encounters the Japan Intelligence czar Tiger Tanaka, and romances his Bond Girls Aki and Kissy Suzuki. Charles Grey, who would go onto to play Blofeld in Diamonds Are Forever, cameos as a one legged MI6 agent. Bond undergoing cosmetic surgery to become Japanese (he looks more like a hairy Vulcan) and becoming a ninja in just a few days was silly even 42 years ago. An aerial shot of Bond running across a rooftop battling evil Japanese henchmen is a stunner.