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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Lost 6x11 - "Happily Ever After"

"That man is the only person I'm aware of in the world who has survived a catastrophic electromagnetic event! I need to know that he can do it again. Or we all die!"

Well, fuck. Last week, I was pretty positive Lost and Not Lost were funhouse mirror images of each other but weren't going to cross over directly. I shouldn't have opened my big fat mouth via my deftly typing two fingers. What do I know? Nuthin'.

Not only did the sideways realities directly cross over this week via Desmond, but Charles Widmore on the Island seems to be aware of the other reality and is working against impending catastrophe.

Since the Island has always has been attributed with some form of sentience or otherworldly knowledge, I'm conjecturing the Island itself is aware of the sideways reality and is threatened by it, with a prideful umbrage that the Not Lost reality exists without it (and almost all of the main characters are doing relatively well without the Island in their lives). Maybe the Island has been taking steps to eliminate the sideways reality. Perhaps the Island communicated the existence of Not Lost to Charles Widmore via Eloise Hawking, gave the marching orders on what to do and even how to find the Island, which Widmore had been unable to do but suddenly he was able to take his Widmarine right to it.

That's as much speculatin' as I care to make at the moment.

I love that the glimpses of a crossover between the realities are via the love stories. Charlie has not met Claire but in a near death experience glimpsed that he loved her in another life. I also like that Desmond met Claire at LAX and then had to deal with Charlie for the rest of the episode. Daniel Widmore remembered he loved Charlotte. And of course, Desmond and Penny, the go-to weapon of mass tear-jerking Lost always turns to which never, ever fails. What is it about that scruffy Scot and that stiff ass Brit that their love story always leaves a lump in the throat? It's a Constant.

I liked Jack scoffing at Desmond that someone on Oceanic 815 ended up at the hospital. "Brother, a surprising number of people on our plane have ended up in this very hospital since the plane landed. Me, Charlie, the pregnant girl, the brunette in the handcuffs came by to see the pregnant girl. Any second now a couple of Koreans we don't know are on their way here."

They did a spectacular job showing Desmond's car crashing into the water. The camera angles used pretty much showed as closely as possible what it would be like to sit in a car that goes into water.

I also liked that the building housing the electromagnetic coils on Hydra Island resembled the raptor holding pen on Jurassic Park.

George from the Freighter turned out to be a great guy and was the best limousine driver since Argyle drove John McClaine to the Nakatomi Tower in the first Die Hard. The Freighter folk are generally nicer folk on Not Lost.

I loved all the callbacks: Widmore sharing his McCutcheon scotch with Desmond. The stadium where Jack and Desmond first met became where Desmond and Penny first meet. And of course NOT PENNY'S BOAT. Glad to see Daniel (Faraday) Widmore and Eloise Hawking too. "What happened, happened." In both realities, Penny is Daniel's half sister. I wonder if Penny's mother is ever going to be mentioned or if she's in any way important?

Desmond episodes are always so moving, I totally forgot about Sayid until he showed up and killed everyone at the end. I tend to think Smoke Locke is not aware of the sideways reality and what's going on with Widmore; that Sayid is taking Desmond back to Smoke Locke just because Desmond was "the Package", and to figure out what's going on.

"See you in another life, brother!"