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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Lost 6x12 - "Everybody Loves Hugo"


Whose jaw didn't drop in shock and delight when Ilana went Arzt like a Roman candle? Earlier today Carleton Cuse Tweeted that Lost would start with a "blast from the past". They teased me good. Figured it was the return of Peter Chang, but no, it had to be Michael on the Island. Wait, no, Libby! Nope, literally, a blast from the past. How many days will it take Hurley to pick bits of Ilana off his shirt?

And dude, they blew up the Black Rock (set)! Explosions all over the place.

I liked special guest star Senator Kelly as Libby's head shrinker. That guy hates mutants. He doesn't hate crazy people. But he loves money. I also liked that Libby was in the insane asylum voluntarily. She's like that big fat white guy who pretended to be Michael Jackson in season 2 of The Simpsons.

Second Simpsons season 2 reference: Smoke Locke throwing Desmond down a well. There's a hole in my heart as deep as a well for that poor little boy who's trapped halfway to hell. I hope Penny is sending her love down a well.

In all likelihood, we'll never get the whole story on what Libby's deal was, why she was in an insane asylum before she was on the Island, etc. This was the next best thing. I liked when she and Hurley kissed and he downloaded a bunch of Lost season 2 flashbacks.

Out of the blue, we got the Answer of what the whispers are. And because Michael asked Hurley to apologize to Libby, we also learned the Spirits Stuck on the Island for What Bad Things They Did don't interact with each other. Which is probably for the best for Ghost Michael - otherwise, he'd never hear the end of it from Ghost Libby and Ghost Ana-Lucia for shooting them dead. I'm not satisfied with that Answer, though. The whispers have always preceded an appearance by The Others, so what up with that?

Richard flipping out the whole episode was pretty good. He's not calm and collected anymore. And aw, what a tease: Jacob told Richard what the Island really is. I hope on the march and sail to Hydra Island, Miles calls Richard on that and asks him what the Island really is.

The Candidates (plus Lapidus) delivered themselves to Smoke Locke just like he kept saying they would. There's so much detail and stuff to remember on this show, I was momentarily confused why Sun was writing shit down on a notepad. Jack point blank explained his change of heart and newfound ability to let go and let people tell him what to do. Except he's following Hurley, who lets dead people who yell at him tell him what to do.

And now Smoke Locke has all the Candidates together except Jin, if Jin is the final Candidate. I didn't remember until "Hello Jack" that Jack hadn't met the new and improved Thing That Looks Like John Locke until now.

Finally, the total out of left field shocker of Desmond running Locke over with his car. No one saw that coming. But at least now, Dr. Linus doesn't think he's a pedophile, brother.