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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Revolution 1x3 - "No Quarter"

Miles Matheson was once General Miles Matheson, who trained the Militia. Or actually ran it above Monroe, the show was unclear. This would be a big reveal, except it isn't really, unless you are Charlie or one of the characters on the show, who are like WHOA!

In other news, Google Beard Man and British Lady found the house of Dead Lady Who Has A Computer. The episode ended with that little amulet thing suddenly lighting up and a CD player and British Lady's iPhone had power for a few seconds - which makes zero science sense, especially how the iPhone's battery was powered by it. Nice to see bullshit science introduced into the show in episode 3.

Charlie thinks her dad was a coward for kowtowing to the Militia all her life. She's very headstrong but she's also competent.

Sword fight count in the episode: only 1. Restraint.

Finally, we learned that you can say "dick" in Revolution. Both Charlie and Nora called guys dicks. Also, Charlie's prisoner brother was beaten by the asshole co-pilot on Pan Am, who's now an asshole Militia soldier. I can only assume the brother was beaten with a bag of dicks.

Special Lost guest star: Jacob.

I feel like Revolution is getting incrementally better. I mean, incrementally. Or maybe its bar is set so low, any kind of clearing it seems like a success.