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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Revolution 1x4 - "The Plague Dogs"

There must have been a talk in the Revolution Writers Room about cliffhangers. It must have gone like this: "We need more CLIFFHANGERS. And by more, I mean ONE BEFORE EVERY ACT BREAK!"

Alternate titles for Revolution could be:

"Miles Matheson is a Known Quitter."
"Charlie Calls The Shots Around Here."

Let's take the quitting thing first. I believe Miles has tried to quit being part of the group looking for Danny in every single episode so far. He tried again this week, pretty hard, and he keeps getting talked into staying (or a swordfight distracts him from leaving). Every week he bristles at how he's at best second in command to Charlie. Which brings us to...

Charlie runs this group, to Miles' dismay. They sought Miles out for his military expertise, but anything he says can get overruled by the 17 year old girl. Hence, Miles keeps wanting to quit, but maybe the group would take Miles' supposed authority more seriously if he would stop trying to abandon them? It's a vicious circle.

I don't know geographically how far the group is from Danny and Giancarlo Esposito but this episode, they estimated they're 24 hours away. 24 hours walking time away (even moreso now after the events of the episode.) Again, I don't know how far that is, but it's apparently far enough that the Twister that attacked Giancarlo and Danny had no meteorological effect on Charlie's group where ever the amusement park they ended up is.

Flashbacks: British Lady, we'll call her Maggie out of respect for her death, was in Seattle when the Blackout happened. Her kids are in England and she never saw them again, despite walking from Seattle to Buffalo without being raped, imprisoned, or murdered, only to find no ships are sailing anywhere anymore. Poor British Lady Maggie. RIP. (Please remain available for potential Flashbacks.)

Elizabeth Mitchell left her family at the request of General Miles Matheson to be captured by the Militia. This seems to have happened after the Militia formed but Charlie is still very young. Yet it begs the question of where Charlie's family was geographically; they hadn't settled and were still moving around. It's confusing. In the "present" of Revolution (2027 year estimated) Elizabeth Mitchell is still being held prisoner and won't talk about what she knows re: how to turn the lights back on. Monroe's brilliant plan is to drag her son in front of her and torture him until she talks. You mean to tell me, the Militia had Elizabeth Mitchell hostage for years and got nothing out of her, ever? They must be really lousy interrogators.

I'll say this for the Revolution actors: They act really hard. They do their damnedest to sell this show with their acting.

Number of Times Someone Said 'Dick': 1, Nora called Miles a dick.

Number of Swordfights: Hard to say. Miles kept losing his sword.