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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Community 1x4 - "Social Psychology"

If episode four can be remembered for one thing, it's the coming out party for Allison Brie's Annie.

From the nose to nose confrontation with Senior Chang in the cold open for her "hurtful, racist" evaluations to her making nice to Abed for making him wait 26 hours ("I was livid.") by buying him the three (good) Indiana Jones movies, to everything she did in between, Allison Brie just ruled this episode. She's an 8, which is an English 10.

Although I think Troy had the best line: "Do they experiment in the butt? Do you get paid more if they experiment in the butt?"

Pairing off the characters in odd couples and seeing what happens is working. Looking forward to when Annie and Pierce get an episode together.