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Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Office 6x5 - "Mafia"

Honestly, I wasn't too into the A plot of Michael being afraid of the Italian insurance salesmen possibly being in the Mafia. I thought Andy had some great lines and moments and Dwight was his usual funny self, but it didn't click for me. It all felt like overly familiar ground.

The B story, however, of Kevin in Jim's office accidentally getting his credit card canceled absolutely killed me. As did Oscar's being the sole voice of sanity and wanting Kevin to spell out why he thinks Oscar would enjoy prison. [Kevin looks knowingly into the camera.] Jim and Pam's irritated phone voices was good too.

I had a few conversations with friends about last week's weddings and Kevin has really grown to be a breakout popular character now. He's really awesome.

Also loved Toby's reaction about his mentally "checking out."