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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Smallville 9x3 - "Rabid"


Special DC Universe guest star:

I can't believe it took Smallville 9 seasons to do a zombie episode. Seems like a no-brainer. (Thank you, I'm here all week.)

Last week was the big Metallo episode where Metallo gave Clark a big speech about how he doesn't have the right to appoint himself the savior of humanity while standing apart from it and not living like humans do. The Man With the Kryptonite Heart hit Clark where it hurts because he realized Metallo was right and returned to the Daily Planet to resume his life as Clark Kent by the end of the episode. Thank God.

Lois and Clark are back in the saddle, which is the best part of the current incarnation of Smallville. Immediately, they're hit with a zombie infestation (a rage virus), swiping cheerfully from 28 Days Later and even referenced by Oliver as "Resident Evil." Tess became a zombie (after a rather cool fight scene where she gets bitten while hacking zombies to pieces in the Mansion), then Lois gets Zombiefied.

Dr. Emil Hamilton and Chloe used liquid Kryptonite to draw Clark's blood to create an antidote which they then seeded in the atmosphere so it would rain on Metropolis and cure all the zombies. This gave us a touching scene of Clark holding Zombie Lois in the rain until she reverted back to hot human Lois. (I assume Tess broke out of the hospital and also got rained on. They kinda forgot about her.)

Later we found out that the rage virus was started by one of Zod's men, posing as a scientist from the Smallville version of the CDC, and borne from the DNA of Davis Bloom, in a head-scratcher of a plot to either kill humanity, reveal who the Blur is, or both. Zod kills his underling and now suspects Jor-El is on Earth. I'm now jonesing to hear Callum Blue say "Son of Jor-El!".

Also, Oliver is sinking further into the self-pity abyss and burned his Green Arrow costume in an alley. For some reason Dr. Hamilton thinks it would be bad if he found out Chloe has been spying on him and the rest of the Justice League. I'm not clear on whether Chloe even knows that everyone else in the cast knows where Oliver is and has been interacting with him but her. I'm just not clear on what Chloe does all day sitting in front of those monitors at the Watchtower? Where does her money come from? How does she buy groceries and pay the electricity bill?

Final thought: Clark in the black suit and coat is bumming me out. There was a joke where Lois said he's got a long way to go before he can wear red and blue, but Superman just doesn't look right in all black. I'd actually prefer Clark back in his trademark red jacket and blue jeans.