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Monday, June 7, 2010

MTV Movie Awards 2010


If it's June, it must be time to fast forward through the MTV Movie Awards while "live Tweeting" though the parts I did watch on @BackoftheHead:

How quickly can I fast forward through the #MTVMovieAwards? We're about to find out.

I love @zoesaldana but how is she up for Best Female Performance for Avatar? She sat in an ADR booth & talked like Calypso. #MTVMovieAwards

Once again, the winners of most categories are easy to predict by which celebrity is actually in attendance. #MTVMovieAwards

How many times have I heard "What Do Tigers Dream Of" this weekend @edhelms? "Doug Doug Dougie Doug Doug! Dougie Doug Doug!" #MTVMovieAwards

Tom Cruise's image rehab into being cool again is dressing up as a bald Jewish movie producer and hiphop dancing with J.Lo. #MTVMovieAwards   

Paranormal Activity IS the Best Scared As Shit performance! Wait, delete the words "Scared As". #MTVMovieAwards

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows trailer looks more action packed than what I remember of the book: Harry and Hermione sitting in a tent

Again, Avatar with a bullshit nomination. "Sam Worthington" and "@zoesaldana" for Best Kiss? Best 3D rendering, sure. #MTVMovieAwards

As one of the scant few who saw The Runaways, I can vouch Kristen Stewart kissing Dakota Fanning pwned K-Stew kissing R-Patz #MTVMovieAwards

Scarlett Johannson's tribute to Sandra Bullock was touching, heartfelt, well-written, left me teary-eyed. Her best work ever #MTVMovieAwards

I really can't recall the last time I watched a Sandra Bullock movie or thought one was any good, but Sandy was great in Speed 2. Also Speed

"Megan Fox, where ever you are tonight, I'm gonna find you and fuck you." It's only @evilhag who can make me LOL at the #MTVMovieAwards.

Congratulations to the great @kenjeong! His bare ass and wittle penis leaping out of that trunk was truly the WTF Moment. #MTVMovieAwards

The best #MTVMovieAwards moments so far are the real(?) banter between Sandra Bullock and Scar-Jo and @kenjeong's sweet tribute to his wife.

Probably the biggest horseshit of the #MTVMovieAwards is Draco Malfoy winning Best Villain over Christophe Waltz. Credibility? Negative zero 

@xCedezx Doug Doug Dougie Doug Doug! Dougie Doug Doug! Dougie Doug Doug! But if he got murdered by crystal meth tweakers...

@Backofthehead Then we're shit out of luck! 

How THE FUCK can Angelina Jolie be nominated for Salt when it hasn't even come out and no one has seen it, #MTVMovieAwards?!

Kristen Stewart is so awkward and uncomfortable shilling for the Twilight movies that I actually find it kind of adorable. #MTVMovieAwards

Jessica Alba out at 1:34 for Best Male Performance. Has it really been 10 years since she was an action hero? Why not since? #MTVMovieAwards

Great to see @MintzPlasse but why no big Kick-Ass presence at the #MTVMovieAwards? Where are @ChloeGMoretz, Matthew Vaughn & @lyndsyfonseca?

Pretty huge letdown that Zach Galifianakis isn't there to accept his #MTVMovieAwards. But @azizansari needed the screen time.

Wow, Tom Cruise's energy level between dancing as Les Grossman and reading the teleprompter are like Knight and Day. #MTVMovieAwards

Of course, The Twilight Saga: New Moon is the Best Movie. I can't think of a better Twilight movie released in 2009. #MTVMovieAwards