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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Kelly Kelly's Finest Hour

On the February 4, 2011 episode of WWE Friday Night Smackdown, the main event saw World Heavyweight Champion Edge and Kelly Kelly defeat Dolph Ziggler and LayCool in a two on three handicap mixed tag team match where if either Edge or Kelly were pinned, Edge would lose the World Title to Dolph Ziggler.

I loved this. No, really, I did. Kelly Kelly defending the World Heavyweight Championship on Smackdown against LayCool and winning with Edge's Spear against impossible odds? Then getting fired for it by Vickie Guerrero? It's so thoroughly ridiculous a scenario I ate it up. Do I want something like that to happen every week? No, of course not. But as a one-off bizarro spectacle I thought it was great.

For the first time in her WWE career, Kelly Kelly was the star, not just of the match, but of the entire show. And she delivered. She really stepped it up. Did we understand what the hell she was talking about, re: Vickie going through her stuff and messing with "her character"? No. Did she even shove Vickie down correctly? No. What did Kelly mean when she blew up on Edge backstage that Edge and Drew McIntyre are all the same? Who knows?

This is Kelly Kelly Farrah Fawcett Hair Holla Oooh I'm Feeling Sexy Points to Sky and Points To The Crowd we're talking about. This is the same girl who in her very first appearance on ECW as the Exhibitionist five years ago couldn't figure out how to unbuckle her bra during her striptease. Kelly Kelly hardly ever wins and has never held the Divas Championship. What could we reasonably expect from Kelly Kelly?

Well, what Smackdown gave us last night was the best Kelly Kelly performance there ever was. I cheered for her to survive LayCool. She looked like she was dying and barely hanging on as she was pummeled two-on-one but kept fighting back.  When Kelly overcame LayCool, I popped not just for her Spear Spear Spear but the exhausted, "I've got nothing left, please God let this be the end" cover on Layla

Last night on Smackdown was Kelly Kelly's finest hour. And final hour, because she got fired. But what a way to go out, as the first and only Diva in WWE history to successfully defend the World Heavyweight Championship. Plus, K2 got to be a worldwide trending topic on Twitter for her efforts.

The only thing better on the show was Hornswoggle caning Alberto Del Rio in the groin and then getting kicked in the face. But if Kelly did it instead of Hornswoggle, this would have ranked as perhaps the Greatest Smackdown Ever.