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Friday, September 25, 2009

Community 1x1 - "Pilot", 1x2 - "Spanish 101"

I thought the Community pilot was very strong. There were a lot of good jokes and I liked the characters, especially Jeff, Britta, Abed, and Chevy Chase pretty much instantly. 

TV sitcom pilots always struggle with the burden of having to introduce the main characters and the main theme/concept of the series yet still has to be funny. Exposition is the enemy of comedy. 

I mean, The Office and 30 Rock's pilots weren't knock-you-off-your feet funny and look at where those shows went. Community started off really well last week, I thought.

"Spanish 101" was really good, much better than "Pilot". I liked the switching shirts sight gag and the slow motion montage of Joel McHale and Chase's presentation with everyone's facial expressions worked for me. A lot of good stuff there. 

Some of the best stuff was Abed and Troy's teaming up, especially their Spanish rap over the closing credits. 

Brilliant to set the Joel and Chevy presentation to Aimee Mann's super depressing music from Magnolia.