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Friday, September 25, 2009

The Office 6x2 - "The Meeting"

I must cry foul on The Office this week. They can't just introduce a plot point ripe with potential hilarity as Andy having a "flirty" email relationship with his cousin and just drop it cold like they did! I need more on that! The more we learn about Andy's bizarre secrets and confusions, the better.

David Wallace is always welcome. It's great to introduce a straight man who's from "the real world" and have him react to the insanity in Scranton. His facial reaction to Andy's cheese plate presentation was golden. (So was Jim's mental calculations of why Andy brought a cheese tray into the conference room.)

It didn't really occur to me until this episode that Jim really has toned down his slacking off and become responsible, what with an impending marriage and baby. He's becoming a responsible man. His reactions to Michael sabotaging and betraying him were some deft acting from John Krasinski. He didn't overplay anything because Jim never gets overly emotional unless Pam's involved, but his fuming anger was very effective.

The big winner of the episode was the Marvel Team Up of Dwight and Toby. Who knew those two would be comedy gold together? My favorite moment was Dwight talking to the camera about how Darryl and his sister look alike.

Poor Pam trying to get RSVP confirmations. Pam and Jim's wedding has been a great vehicle to remind us that everyone at Dunder Mifflin Scranton is a huge asshole.
I wanted to cheer when Jim was promoted to co-manager. That's a big and welcome change in the structure of the show.

Dwight's reaction was perfect.