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Friday, September 25, 2009

Parks and Recreation 2x2 - "The Stakeout"

The hernia humor and those two scenes with Ron and April the intern killed me. Might have been the funniest things the whole of Thursday night.

"It's a minor medical procedure."
"What is it?"
"It's a hernia."
"Is it syphillis?"
"I just said it's a hernia."
"You can have two things."

Amazing. So was "Motion sensors." and "I was born ready. I'm Ron [BLEEEP!] Swanson." 

For me, Ron's hernia was the breakthrough comedy moments of this series. The "Homer falls down Springfield Gorge" moment that puts this show on the comedy map.

Louis CK as the cop who likes Amy Pohler was great. "Parking while Indian." was killer. And so was the kiss on the cheek on Rashida Jones. "Now we both have herpes." 

I'm glad I stuck with Parks and Recreation. It's paying off.