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Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Office 6x1 - "Gossip"

By now, Michael, Jim and Pam are Ol' Faithful. So reliable. This episode was owned by the supporting cast, who got all the best lines.

Kevin: "I might have extra. It depends on how many I eat."

Creed's entire aside about scuba. "If I can't scuba, what has any of this been for?"

Stanley's shocking revelation of an affair.

My favorite: Andy's utter confusion about whether the rumors are true that he's gay. "Michael, am I gay?!" That was the biggest LOL moment for me, along with the line about "the coincidences." Oh, and Jim telling him to sleep with a woman and then a man to compare and the sound Ed Helms made. Honestly, who was in a bigger, more popular and profitable movie this past summer than Ed Helms (and I don't mean The Goods).
Dwight to the summer interns: "One of you will be wildly successful in business, one of you will do all right, one of you will be a great mother."

"Michael, you told people I use store bought compost, even though I showed you where my compost comes from."

Six years in, the supporting cast of The Office are worth a zillion Dundees.