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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

WWE NXT #6 3/30/10

NXT WTF: The first ten minutes were fucking absurd. They're making it even more up as they go along.

First, they did a complete 180 on the announcement two weeks ago that an NXT Rookie would be eliminated. No one was eliminated tonight. Instead, Matt Striker revealed that now, in another 6 weeks, the first elimination would happen, followed by three more each week until the final four remain.

The winner of NXT will receive a title match on a pay per view against any champion of his choosing (basically Money in the Bank without the briefcase or having to wrestle 9 guys in a ladder match).

So is that it, then, WWE? That's the format you're sticking to? It won't be something else next week?

Then they revealed the NXT Pro's Poll. These are the rankings based on the four criteria of quality of opponent, won/loss record, heart, and It Factor, except... the poll is a total work that had no bearing on those four criteria, or had any logic whatsoever based on the five episodes of TV we've been shown so far.

8)Darren Young
7)Michael Tarver
6)Skip Sheffield
5)David Otunga
4)Heath Slater
3)Justin Gabriel
2)Wade Barrett
1)Daniel Bryan

The crowd was generally not into any of this opening segment. Bryan mocked David Otunga's It Factor: "The truth is he can't wrestle", thus earning a Christmas card from me this year. Bryan also mocked Otunga's pants. He gets a Christmas gift from me for that.

By the way, the bottom four of the rankings are made up of the three black guys. Maybe that's just an odd coincidence.

WWE Pros 8 Man Tag Team Match:
Smackdown Pros CM Punk, R-Truth, Matt Hardy, and Wade Barrett (substituting for the "injured" Chris Jericho) defeated RAW Pros William Regal, The Miz, Christian, and Carlito

Jericho on commentary ripping on Cole and Mathews was twice as entertaining as the match itself. Jericho even called the action, rendering Cole redundant and useless. Then Jericho interfered so Barrett could pin Christian. Chris Jericho is clearly the greatest mentor an NXT Rookie could ever have.

David Otunga won an 8 Rookie Battle Royal, earning the right to become the guest host of Monday Night RAW next week. Will Jennifer Hudson be there? What's the over/under on that? Otunga better wow everyone with the undeniable It Factor Charisma he keeps telling everyone he has or he's pretty SOL.

I gotta say, I've soured on NXT. I already know who I like and who I think should be on the main roster: Daniel Bryan, Justin Gabriel, and Wade Barrett (He's majestic! He's like an eagle!).

The competition itself is anything but, makes no sense, and seems to drag something pointless out. If NXT goes a second season, WWE Creative should think long and hard about how they've bungled this idea they never thought through to begin with and decide what this show actually is.