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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

V 1x5 - "Welcome to the War"

After staring at that big red V during Lost, like millions of others, the last thing I wanted to do afterward was actually watch V. But eventually, I did. And... eh.

Four months off and I didn't miss these people and lizards pretending to be people one bit. It would have been nice if V returned with some slam bang momentum.

Admittedly, a lot of plot development occurred and seeds planted for major events to take place. But I wonder, when and if this show ever picks up the pace and ramps up the action, will people still care? Do they care now?

Erica Evans, a trained FBI counter terrorism agent, was the first person to decide that she can't train anyone to fight as part of a Resistance. Instead, she insists they turn to some mercenary terrorist to be the guy who teaches the fledgling Resistance how to resist. I mean, in the original miniseries, a bunch of ordinary people just banded together and they Resisted. There wasn't all this hemming and hawing about it.

I didn't get the Master Plan Anna had for Erica's stupid son, leaving him on that table reliving all his memories and emotions, so he'd go back home and tell his mom he's outta there and moving in with the Vs. They already had him; Erica couldn't get him off that ship if she tried. And if she tries, the Vs can kill her. Why go through all the trouble?

Anna did say something about Lisa Fulfilling Her Destiny. If its to have the first V/Human hybrid, won't she be pissed off Ryan and his girlfriend have beaten her too it.

I liked the scene where she was tempted to eat the dead mouse caught in the trap. Nice callback to the Famous Gross-out Moment from the original V when the Visitor ate the mouse.

What else? Father Jack got healed from his gunshot wound at the V Healing Center and had a pretty neat dream about turning into a V.

Chad has dinner with the increasingly creepy Anna. He tells her he doesn't want to be healed from his brain aneurysm that he doesn't even have yet by the Vs. Anna feeds him some fugu. Later, Chad announces on television he'll take the Vs up on the offer of preemptive healing. Anna is pleased; continues to be creepy.

Anna, who spent half the episode in a sexy robe like an alien lizard Hugh Hefner, also wants to grow an army to fight the growing Resistance and the Fifth Column, and her method is to literally grow an army. She picked some V who was real buff and then had the least sexy sex scene ever where she just mounted him in the middle of a cloud of smoke for a few seconds and that was it. V sex is not much to speak of.

Then the newly impregnated Anna bared her CGI Lizard mouth and killed the father of her V eggs. And there went any lingering fantasy of getting it on with Anna. Won't Tyler be in for a treat when he finally hooks up with Lisa.