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Friday, March 12, 2010

Parks and Recreation 2x18 - "The Possum"

Ann pulled a Lois Lane in Superman III - showed up in the beginning, went on a trip, showed up again at the very end. I'm not sure how letting April watch her house while she's away was going to bring them closer toge--

April: "I don't like Ann."

"The Possum" was another Andy tour de force. Shoeshine head. Sleeping in the hallway. "We're here by special order of Mayor Gunderson's dog!" Andy catching the possum and the post interview literally kissing his own bicep. "I lived in the pit for the better part of last year and made some vermin friends. No, not friends, colleagues." Plus he wasn't even aware of how he upset April but he won her back over lickety-split.

It was also an April tour de force. I liked her and the possum watching the nature show and her asking the possum: "Do you know them?" And her blaming the possum for the ring on Ann's coffee table.

I hope the NBC store sells the sign outside of Ron's workshop, because I really want one:

I hope the possum did lay eggs in Ann's bed.