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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Lost 6x8 - "Recon"

What a delightful play on words the episode title is. "Recon". Because Sawyer did some recon on Hydra Island for Smoke Locke, and in both Island and Sideways realities, James Ford did some re-conning.

On the Island, Sawyer didn't have sex with Kate, although he had that wistful moment with Kate's old pretty dress in the bear cage when he remembered those good old times when he and Freckles did the nasty in the past-y. But in Not Lost, Detective Jimmy Ford, LAPD, did both Jodi-Lyn O'Keefe and the returning (missed by me) Charlotte Lewis. Not bad at all! Then Jimmy ran into Kate in the end. Some guys get all the luck. (Except when Charlotte told him he blew it. Which he did. Totally. She probably does have a whip.)

I know CBS is working on a Hawaii Five-0 reboot series, but they should scrap all their current plans and make that show starring Miles and Jimmy Ford. And Danno. Two of the three are already in Hawaii and we already love watching them. I loved Sawyer's asking Kate if Miles got out of the Temple alive when they reunited. Sawyer really loves his little buddy.

I liked Detective Jimmy's doggedly cold calling every Anthony Cooper in the phone book. "Can I speak to Anthony Cooper. Speaking? Did you con my daddy and sleep with my mommy? No? Sorry to disturb."

This week, we got both scenarios for Kate and Claire played out: the one where Claire tried to murder Kate and the one where they hug it out and have a tearful reconciliation. Kate's reaction to Claire almost knifing her freckles off was really, really great. Such a good performance the whole episode by Evangeline Lilly. And the writing was great, all the way through to Kate and Smoke Locke's conversations. Now Aaron has a crazy mother just like Smoke Locke.

Smoke Locke also came clean to Sawyer about his being the Smoke Monster and killing everyone at the Temple. I think at the end of the day, Smoke Locke is honestly looking for people to trust, and he's probably gone centuries without friends. Because he didn't have a body. Smoke Locke seems to like Sawyer, who's remarkably pragmatic about the whole situation.

Sawyer's negotiations with Widmore was typical Lost-style. They usually end with an ultimatum of "I wanna get off this Island." Widmore didn't reveal his hand at all, though. Sawyer talked the whole game but we got nothing regarding what Widmore is actually up to, besides laying out a sonic barrier in preparation for Smoke Locke, "just like at New Otherton." (I also liked how Smoke Locke refers to the Others as "the Others". That name really stuck.)

Sawyer: "You and me, we're getting off this Island."
Kate: "Who's gonna fly the plane?"
Sawyer: "We ain't takin' the plane. We're takin' the sub."
Kate: "Same question applies, James. Who's gonna pilot the sub?"
Sawyer: "I ain't thought of that yet."

From now on though, my emergency word for any situation will be "LaFleur."