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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Community 1x17 - "Physical Education"

Holy bagel, that episode was awesome!

The strip billiards sequence was phenomenal. Totally topped the episode 2 Spanish presentation Pierce and Jeff did.

I had to watch that twice just to look at everyone's reaction shots in the backgrounds (Annie's excited looks, Britta's shocked looks, Dean Pelton's aroused cell phone camera picture taking.) The gasps and cringing from the crowd when Jeff put one leg on the table. Incredible stuff.

"I choose SHORTS!"
"You magnificent son of a bitch!"

I'd like an episode with the vampire version of Abed for the whole thing.

Pierce: "The story of a 37 year old half Polish/half Arab can only end with an explosion!"

No one is credited as playing Joey/White Abed so that had to be Danny Pudi in a wig and makeup.

Britta brought to tears by everyone still mocking how she says "bagel" after announcing she didn't care if people laughed was great.

Annie loving Abed's Don Draper impression was my favorite gag of all.