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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

WWE NXT #2 3/2/10

Quick results:

Darren Young (with CM Punk and the Straight Edge Society) pinned David Otunga (with R-Truth) thanks to Punk tripping Otunga and distracting him.

R-Truth and Otunga have a pull apart brawl backstage.

Wade Barrett (with Chris Jericho) pinned Daniel Bryan. Jericho attacks Bryan and places him in the Lion Tamer after the match. (The Miz and Carlito observed the match from the back.)

Justin Gabriel and Matt Hardy defeated Skip Sheffield and William Regal when Gabriel pinned Regal with a 450 splash.

Carlito spit an apple in Heath Slater's face to end the show.

We learned THE RULES: The winner will be chosen by a vote from the Pros, but the Pros cannot vote for or against their respective Rookie. I still don't quite understand, but hey, it's something. More rules next week when they think of them?

NXT was a bit toned down overall this week from the debut episode.

The Otunga vs. Young rematch was two segments with Young dishing out most of the offense. Otunga seemed lethargic to me; after he takes off his hoodie and tearaway pants, he really hasn't been very impressive. Punk's facial expressions and surprising decision to interfere and help Young win was the most interesting thing during the match. Serena was looking pretty orange, brother.

The Miz slapping Bryan in his injured ribs was... awesome. Bryan sold the ribs like a champ all night. He hit a pretty sick flying knee off the apron on Barrett too. Thus far, Bryan is the only Rookie to have lost both his NXT matches.

I wasn't sure if it was Michael Cole or Josh Mathews who made the "vintage Skip Sheffield!" call but it was hilariously inappropriate since it was Sheffield's debut.

had a training video with Slater where he busted out the old Stone Cold line "I like you. Not very much, but I like you" and admonished him for thinking he's over when the crowd was cheering for Captain Charisma.

Gabriel was mocked for his ring attire by Mathews but he was impressive. Teaming with Gabriel might even resurrect Hardy's floundering career - if the Great Khali is willing to step aside as Matt's partner for an NXT Rookie.

Cole made a comment towards "Twitter geeks" and for some reason has a bone to pick with Bryan (probably should just substitute "Cole" for "Vince McMahon") but he was generally toned down too. Cole did have a bizarre quote from William Regal mocking Sheffield's "workrate".

By my tally, half the Pros hate their Rookies.

Miz and Bryan hate each other, Regal and Sheffield hate each other, Otunga and R-Truth hate each other, Punk hates Young.

Jericho/Barrett, Christian Slater, Carlito/Tarver, and Hardy/Gabriel get along. They must have realized the disparity and broke up Otunga/R-Truth to even it out.