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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Community 1x25 - "Pascal's Triangle Revisited"

Drama 101 to finish off the first season. For all of Community's numerous strong points, Jeff (and Joel McHale) as a romantic lead isn't one of them.


All of the call backs to characters and events from the first half of the season were great. Vaughn going to Delaware and being written out of the show. John Michael Higgin's "sieze the day" professor. Where were Jack Black and Anthony Michael Hall's bully?

So Britta and Professor Duncan have been conducting therapy sessions all year! "He'll make you talk all year long and then at the end tell you to get a makeover."

The rivalry between Duncan and Senor Chang was great. As was Senor Chang's shots at Britta about wearing too much lipstick: "Your mouth looked like a coin purse."
Pierce's Greendale song was back. Greendale's the way it goes. (Oh, Annie believes in me.) It took me forever to get "That's Just The Way It Is" out of my head the first time that episode aired.

The Dean's dalmatian fetish was weird. We need to find out more about it. Wait, no, we really, really don't.

I loved Britta telling off Slater at the Tranny Dance, hearing her name called, bragging, "Excuse me, I just won a contest for being hot", and then starting to make an acceptance speech as Tranny Queen only to find the Dean was just reading the names aloud.

Jeff and Britta. Jeff and Slater. Jeff and Annie. I cast my vote with John Michael Higgins: "Jeff, choose Britta." Annie deserves better.

Regardless, Troy and the giant cookie and the lesson he learned pwned the love quadrangle.

Troy: "There was an episode of Happy Days when someone actually jumped over a shark, AND IT WAS THE BEST ONE!"

Have a great summer, Greendale!