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Friday, May 21, 2010

Parks and Recreation 2x25 - "Freddy Spaghetti"

Bittersweet finale considering how long we have to wait to go back to Pawnee. But maybe by the time we get back there, the government will be up and running again.

We reaffirmed how vital Leslie is and what a great character she has become this season. Michael Scott would never have the universal respect from co-workers for work ethic, loving the job, and caring about people Leslie Knope has.

I love how protective Ron is of Leslie, and the crazy bump he took on the grass when he ran to the park to warn her "They're coming!" They can't fire Leslie. I would have suggested giving Gerry a raise and a promotion and then firing him.

The good cop/bad cop dynamic between Rob Lowe and Adam Scott cracks me up every time.

I can't believe I'm actually going to miss Mark. I wouldn't have thought so before, but he had a very subtle and graceful exit. Plus he was a quiet voice of sanity. I guess Adam Scott is sliding into that role for however long he sticks around.

Tom playing Boys II Men "On Bended Knee" during sex is so perfect. As was Ron's bacon wrapped turkey leg and how impressed Tom's new girl was.

The tag at the end - Ron got it on with Tom's ex-wife! I almost missed it because of NBC's stupid timing issues where my DVR cuts off the tag every week.

April and Andy - they found a way to deny us the coupling we've been wanting all season, but still keep both completely lovable.

Andy: "There's an old saying in show business: The show must go wrong. Everything always goes wrong, and you just have to deal with it." Profoundly true. Certainly has been the case of every movie or video shoot I've ever been a part of.

I miss these people already. It's going to be a long however long until they're back on television.

I think maybe I'll eat a Swanson in the meantime.