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Friday, May 21, 2010

The Office 6x25 - "The Whistleblower"

The IT guy (what was his name? Champ? Nick? Sport?) going off on the Dunder Mifflin crew was awesome. "You're not a photographer, you can't fit into a size 2, and he's the snitch!" Never piss off the IT guy. The IT guy knows everything in your work computer. He's the most dangerous person in the office.

Toby's mystery novel and his reaction to Jo's plot suggestion. "Write your own damn novel."

Kevin: "I'm a runner."

WOOF! From the mind of Ryan Howard, the guy who once wished his iPod could make phone calls but didn't want an iPhone.

I liked Michael signing for Pam to meet him in Meredith's van. "I weirdly know exactly what you mean."

Dwight buying Scranton Business Park (and threatening Hank with the loss of his chair and forcing him to stand guard like Buckingham Palace) has a world of hilarious possibilities.
But I think what I liked the most was the tease for Holly's return, and the tacit acknowledgment that Michael - and in effect the entire show - has been in a bit of a funk for a while. Michael - and I guess I also mean Steve Carell - just seems tired and largely going through the motions.

Whether or not next year is Steve Carell's final season as rumored, I hope this break finds The Office creative and cast refreshed and galvanized when they come back in September.