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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Lost 6x16 - "What They Died For"

Penultimate Lost. So, who else is feeling anxious about how this is all going to end?

I don't have a lot of jokes. Sawyer told the best one: "I thought that guy had a God complex before."

Last week's episode was important, I guess, for showing the ritual of how the Island Protector mantle gets passed from one sucker to another. Jacob did the same ritual his fake mother Allison Janney did for him, so I guess it's official that Jack is King of the Island. There goes my theory that it would be Sawyer in a swerve. Unless it's still Sawyer in a swerve on Sunday.

The dialogue about the Light at the Heart of the Island was a little frustrating.

"Beyond the bamboo field, over the ridge, is the Heart of the Island."
"There's nothing out there."
"No no, there is now. I mean, it was always there."
Uh huh.

I'm powerful confused about the time that has elapsed in the episodes before last week. Because apparently, from the time Ben, Richard, and Miles broke off from the Candidates to destroy the Ajira plane, they spent forever getting to the Barracks while the Candidates reunited with Smoke Locke, Sawyer lead the commandeering of Desmond's boat, Jack jumped off Desmond's boat, the Candidates went to Hydra, got captured, Locke came to Hydra with Jack, they got on the sub, Jin and Sun and Sayid died, and the rest of the Candidates survived and went off to run into Jacob while Widmore and Zoe went to the Barracks. So while ALL THAT was going on, Ben, Richard and Miles were just walking to the Barracks?

Widmore did plant the C4 on the plane, three steps ahead of Ben's crew, who never even made it to Hydra.

I did like all the killin' in the closet. So long, Zoe. Ben and Widmore still hate each other's guts. "He doesn't get to save his daughter." Is Richard dead? I hope not. Where did Miles go?

I don't know how satisfied Jack, Sawyer, Kate and Hurley must have felt from the answers they got while having their fireside chat with Jacob. Jacob was pretty vague. He never mentioned he and the Smoke Monster are brothers. I did like his answer to Kate about her name in the cave. "It's just chalk on a wall, Kate. The job's yours if you want it." She did not. Nor did Hurley. But Jack did. Which is why I still don't think he gets to keep the job. The Island Protector probably shouldn't want it.

Plus Desmond's on the loose. And now Widmore's dead without ever explaining why Desmond's resistance to electromagnetism is so important.

The Sideways universe was pretty awesome for all the Dr. Linus stuff, plus seeing Danielle Rousseau as a normal, un-crazy woman. I could go for some coq au vin right about now. They left Ben and Danielle is a weird, kind of flirtatious state.

Meanwhile, Sideways Jack finally gets to fix Sideways Locke so he can "let go." Locke must need glasses if he thinks Jack's son looks like him.

Sideways Desmond seriously creeps me out. I find his perpetual state of calm (unless he's beating the shit out of Dr. Linus) very unsettling. Something big's going down at the concert Miles is going to, which Desmond, Kate, Sayid, and Hurley will now be in attendance for. Where are the Kwons?

Waited this whole season for Ana Lucia to appear in the Sideways universe and it was like, oh, hey, there she is. Envelope full of money. Well, see ya.

It comes down to Ben and Jack, doesn't it? Jack is Jacob's boy now. Ben was promised the Island by Smoke Locke.

Sunday night, it's The End.