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Thursday, May 20, 2010

V 1x12 - "Red Sky"

I'm pretty sure when V returns for season 2 I won't be there. That finale sucked. Sucked the big one.

Among my many, many complaints, the most important one is that when that episode was produced, they did not yet have a renewal from ABC. Therefore, as far as the V producers knew, it was the series finale. And that's what they gave us? Not a single concrete answer of why the Visitors are on Earth.  

Instead Anna turns the sky red. Everyone behind Anna, as she has her "first human emotion", smirks, reflecting their trademark changes of heart. Apparently, everyone on the V ship with a speaking role is betraying Anna, has been for some time, or just figured out how to.

Father Jack's Big Purpose this whole season was to finally give a Poorly Written Homily that the old priest kept warning him not to give.

Erica, Tyler, Lisa and Anna had the most boring, contrived dinner party ever with almost everyone leaving the table in turn to conduct their Secret Clandestine Affairs. (What about who was left at the table while people were missing? How awkward was that small talk?)

And then the Lamest Ray Gun Battle in TV History. Ptew! Ptew! Until Erica shots Joshua dead, but no, he isn't.

Don't even get me started on Ryan's Baby with the Lizard Tail. 

I don't care about a single one of those characters. Not a one.

Now, I actually liked the episode two weeks ago when the Fifth Column blew up the V shuttlecraft, mainly because for once Anna wasn't just smugly planning something ineffable and making faces. She was actually taking action that saw her one step ahead of her enemies. In other words, someone on the show was behaving intelligently for once.

Because Erica Evans is a nothing-collection of simplistic motivations, Elizabeth Mitchell is, in a word, lost. She has nothing in terms of a character to play and has to wring what little she can from those dumb ass scripts. The four characters who make up the Fifth Column we see every week basically all share a single brain, and it's not much of a brain to speak of.

Since Mitchell's talent is basically hogtied, Morena Baccarin ends up head and shoulders above everyone else on the cast. She's like Terry Silver, the villain from Karate Kid III - she'll give you a serious look, then turn around and immediately smile and snicker to herself. I enjoy it. It's comical. She's the only actor who seems like she's enjoying herself. Everyone else is so grim, or glum, or sleeping while standing upright. 

Baccarin's emotional control as an actor, like when she announced the Vs were leaving because Lisa was "assaulted" last week, is really good (and she immediately turned around, smiled and snickered to herself.) Same this week when she freaked out after her soldiers were all killed.

But please, the writing is the first thing that has to be fixed in season 2. Those scripts are just terrible, beyond dumbed down for "the masses" that aren't watching V.

The Fifth Column (they're no longer the Resistance nor have they been for many episodes) somehow killed off all the Soldier newborns. The Soldiers, we are supposed to be shocked to learn, "are bred to kill humans". You know who else can kill humans? Any normal V. Why breed soliders? They didn't bring an army of Vs with them on all their ships? Well, I guess that explains why those ships are so empty all the time. All that wasted space.

That's what V is. A waste of space.