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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

WWE NXT #11 5/4/10

I could have DIED laughing when The Miz admonished Daniel Bryan for failing the obstacle course: "You don't use INJURIES as an excuse, EVER!"

Michael Tarver and Daniel Bryan, the two guys who nominated themselves for elimination next week (Tarver was kidding but everyone believed him, to his chagrin), were tossed in the ring against each other. And then it turns out Michael Tarver vs. Daniel Bryan was BY FAR the best match between two Rookies we've ever seen on NXT. That was a terrific NXT match. They fucked each other up. After I saw that match, I don't think either man should be eliminated.

Tarver actually seemed like a new man. Michael Cole and Josh Mathews even brought up how suddenly motivated he seems. When motivated Tarver is actually a really good heel, and he seems to have ability. He also has the best T-shirts on NXT. That has to count for something in the Pros Poll.

Can we all agree by now that David Otunga is the most worthless in-ring wrestler that has graced a WWE ring in many a moon? He is absolutely terrible. Just by his wrestling, Otunga deserves serious consideration for elimination. The guy can't wrestle. His gimmick is arguably the best of the NXT Rookies but should that be enough to save him from elimination when he's such a piss poor wrestler?

That looked to me like a real fight at the end between Wade Barrett and Darren Young. When they went at it, I thought to myself, "Wade Barrett is gonna kill this guy!" That seemed to be the referees' opinion as well as they piled on top of Barrett to stop him instead of Young.

Honestly, I'm not sure who they should eliminate. I can make a case for everybody except Heath Slater, Justin Gabriel, and Barrett (who quit the challenge this week, a big no no).

My gut says Bryan is out - but whether or not that occurs will indicate to me whether NXT eliminations are shoots (like the challenges seem to be) or part of the work like the rest of the show is.