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Friday, May 14, 2010

The Office 6x24 - "The Chump"

Who knew Gabe had an office? I've been wondering for weeks where he actually sits and works at Dunder Mifflin. Kathy Bates doesn't think much of him for giving Jim's office to Darryl and making him work in a corner near Toby, Kelly, and Ryan.

Ryan gave me the biggest laugh when he saw Michael take what he wants, bolted out of his chair, told Erin to sleep with him, got shot down, and came back defeated.

Creed's one line was also great. "He don't give an F about nothin'!"  We haven't heard much from Creed all season but the last two episodes, his token lines have been showstoppers.

The season's over next week, I believe. I don't side at all with the people who think this was a horrible season overall, but I do believe that the second half of the season after the Christmas episode was not nearly as good as the first half, which had the wedding, the aforementioned Christmas episode, Scott's Tots, the end of Dunder Mifflin Corporate, Michael dating Pam's mom, etc. I thought that stuff was great.

When Sabre took over, The Office suddenly, confusingly felt like season 19 of The Simpsons. Almist overnight, the show felt exhausted and redundant. That's just what I think. Not that there wasn't good stuff in the second half, like when the sales staff were acting like assholes, but something felt off the last several episodes since the return after the Winter Olympics. Personally, I never recovered from resetting the paradigm and having Jim go back to being a salesman. The forward progression of events in the office halted.

At the end of the day, though, chin stroking analysis of a sitcom is pointless since the goal is to make people laugh. I still laugh a lot at The Office, I still like the characters a lot. Community and Parks and Recreation's freshness and creativity hit The Office hard and 30 Rock harder. But then, I have friends who only watch The Office on Thursday nights who tell me it's as funny as ever. Maybe it is, but I'm just looking elsewhere for new laughs.