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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Lost 6x14 - "The Candidate"

I can't believe it. I can't believe they did that.

They killed Frank Lapidus!

Oh, and Jin and Sun! What the fuck?! I was kind of in shellshock when that sub went down with the Kwons still on it. I'm glad they gave Jack, Kate and Hurley a moment to react to the loss of Jin and Sun, at least. It's gonna be a while until I'm okay with Jin and Sun's deaths. Ji Yeon is an orphan now. Sun's father is still alive, right? Her parents left her alone in a world where the Korean Devil can still find her and raise her.

The writing was on the wall - or more like the bulkhead was in Frank's face - when the plan shifted and they boarded the sub instead of the Ajira plane. Suddenly, they didn't need a pilot anymore.

Oh shit, I forgot, they killed Sayid too! But Sayid's really been sort of dead for most of the season. Sayid was the weirdest case the whole episode - half Zombie Sayid but still kind of like the old Sayid, especially in the noble sacrifice at the end. "It's going to be you, Jack." Seems to be too blatant a declaration that Jack is the new Jacob. There has to be misdirection there. Also, Sayid told Jack that Desmond still in the well, which means he found enough of his humanity not to execute Desmond but he still left him down there.

The foreshadowing was pretty obvious when Smoke Locke switched the backpacks, and Jack figured out Smoke Locke's plan and spelled it out for everyone a little too late.

So we're clear now, no more ambiguity: Smoke Locke is the bad guy. He was never to be trusted. He's the enemy. Sawyer's instincts served him well in regards to Smoke Locke - just not when a bomb was in front of him that Jack pleaded with him not to diffuse. That pesky free will screwed everything up again.

When the bomb was revealed on the sub, the following theory hit me, that pretty much turned out to be false but hear me out anyway: I thought they were all going to die. Furthermore, I thought once they all died, the endgame of Lost would be somehow for the sideways version of the characters to replace them in the Island reality.

Meanwhile on Not Lost, Jack's bedside manner is worlds better than it was on Lost. We got the explanation of how Locke lost the use of his legs; a plane crash he caused that turned Anthony Cooper into a drooling vegetable not unlike what Captain Pike looked like in the original Star Trek, only minus the space wheelchair that blinks one for yes and two for no. Jack even got a hug and a kiss from Peggy Bundy. And Claire continued to accept any invitation she is offered, this time to stay with Jack, the only family she has in LA, it turns out.

I like that everyone on Oceanic 815 is keenly aware of how bizarre it is so many people from that plane keep bumping into each other in LA. I also liked Bernard accusing Jack of flirting with Rose, on an episode when Jin and Sun basically became Jack and Rose Kwon. (But their hearts will go on and on...)

Here's a question: The bombs on the Ajira plane - did Widmore plant those? I don't think he did. I think Smoke Locke thinks it was Widmore and lied/bullshitted the story to everyone that Widmore wanted them all dead. Smoke Locke didn't know about Richard, Miles, and Ben. I'd have to guess Richard, Miles and Ben planted the bombs on the plane, since that was their objective when we last saw them and we haven't seen them since. So where the hell are those three?

Oh, and one episode removed from my pointing out Kate has never been shot or wounded on Lost - BLAM! Kate gets shot! That was my personal biggest Holy Shit! moment.