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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Community 1x13 - "Investigative Journalism"

Oh man, did I miss this show. I missed Annie "Hotlips" Edison (who's very young so we try not to sexualize her). I missed Troy and Abed. I missed Britta and her "old" breasts. I missed it all.

They all came roaring back for second semester without missing a beat, plus with Buddy, who they made me feel bad for excluding even though I wouldn't have wanted him around either.

The fakeout of Senor Chang's "death" actually fooled me for a second. The bit that made me laugh out loudest was the sight gag of Piece with the powdered sugar all over his face from Buddy's lemon squares.

The M*A*S*H fade out at the end was awesome, as was the Owen Wilson cameo with Star Burns in the "cool group." Cool they may be, but they don't have Annie "Hotlips" Edison.