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Friday, January 15, 2010

Parks and Recreation 2x13 - "The Set Up"


"In eight years, I've saved the taxpayers over 150 grand. Now, I need the taxpayers' money to save me from the taxpayers."

Tom interviewing the candidates for Ron's assistant could have gone on even longer and I wouldn't have complained. It was obvious April would get the job, but the way they got there was awesome.

Is it me or could both Mark and Justin play Vulcans if the new Star Trek needed some guys for Sylar Spock to hang out with? Or maybe they could be the grown up version of the kids who bullied young Spock.

Andy was amazing! "You have to choose, either me or Justin." "Wait, I'm dating Mark!" "That close!"

Loved April's explanation for coming in late and her glee at Anne doing something wrong. April could replace Britta in that fantasy Buddy had on Community. By could, I mean should. (Incidentally, Chris Pratt said on Conan last week he's married to Anna Faris in real life. Good for him!)

Oh yeah, Will Arnett guest starred too.