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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Community 1x14 - "Interpretive Dance"

Pairing up Britta and Troy in a tap dance class wouldn't have been my first preference but it turned out pretty good

Troy: "I've spent a lot of money on tearaway clothes."

Jeff's girlfriend the teacher does nothing for me, but their relationship set up awesome scenes with Dean Pelton. The Dean is a fantastic supporting character. Has anyone noticed or cared that Professor Duncan hasn't been seen since Britta cheated in Spanish 101?

Pierce cracking wise in the audience was pretty much what I would think (but wouldn't vocalize) in that same situation.

Britta realizing she likes Jeff < Tom discovering he loves his wife on Parks and Rec. The difference? RON SWANSON isn't there waiting to steal Britta away.

I managed to get through this entire thing without mentioning Alison Brie. Oh, but how I want to rave about her.