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Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Office 6x13 - "The Banker"

I can't believe coming off a six week absence, the first new Office of 2010 is a clip show.

Although it was cool to see the clips, it highlighted how glamorous everyone looks now compared to when the series started. Some of that has to do with the HD video used today and how the sets are lit now, but yeah, everyone looks like the best version of themselves as opposed to looking downtrodden and sullen like in the first two seasons.

Best line was Toby's "I don't want to lie but I don't want to tell the truth."

If anything, I wish Computron becomes a cast regular. I loved Michael arguing with Computron.

The Employee of the Month sign in the parking lot... was that always there or did Michael make himself the Employee of the Month for January, 2010 without David Wallace's corporate oversight to keep the EOTM program on the up and up?