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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Race to Witch Mountain (**)


Finally, The Rock HAS COME BACK to Witch Mountain! Race to Witch Mountain is a misnomer - no one is actually racing to Witch Mountain. The Rock plays a Las Vegas cab driver who finds two superpowered alien kids in his back seat. They're here to save the world, or something, and they're being chased by an alien assassin and government agent Gaius Julius Caesar (Ciaran Hinds from Rome). The Rock and Carla Gugino eventually get the kids to Witch Mountain, where their spaceship is being held by the government, but it's not really a race. The Rock and Gugino affably mail it in for a couple of fat Disney paychecks. Spent the whole movie waiting for a race to Witch Mountain. I'm still waiting to see that race.*

* defines "race" as:
a contest of speed, as in running, riding, driving, or sailing.
races, a series of races, usually of horses or dogs, run at a set time over a regular course: They spent a day at the races.
any contest or competition, esp. to achieve superiority: the arms race; the presidential race.
urgent need, responsibility, effort, etc., as when time is short or a solution is imperative: the race to find an effective vaccine.
onward movement; an onward or regular course.
the course of time.
the course of life or a part of life.

All right, so if we want to get technical, the movie may be referred to as Urgent Need, Responsibility, or Effort for Onward Movement to Witch Mountain.