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Friday, January 22, 2010

Parks and Recreation 2x14 - "Leslie's House"

I never realized we'd never seen Leslie's house until this episode. For some reason, when she was planning her dinner party, I just assumed it would take place in Ann's house.

I get impatient during episodes now waiting for April to visit Andy at the shoeshine place. April's smooth winning Andy back from her "betrayment" of him was excellent. (I also liked her facial mocking of Leslie's attempt at speaking Spanish.)

I miss Officer Dave, but Justin was a really good choice of a character 180 degrees from Dave as a Leslie love interest.

I also loved the Leslie logic of getting a government form that proves her party was a success. And the metaphor of Justin being a white stallion and Tom being a little brown pony. And Ron pressuring Leslie into five courses and then bringing deviled eggs.

You know who would have been a really interesting party guest? Councilman Dexhart.