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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Community 1x15 - "Romantic Expressionism"

This might be my favorite episode of Community yet. It was a powerhouse of big time laughs. I think this is the sharpest, fastest, and funniest the writing has been.

The roundtable of reaction shots as everyone considered each other as potential sexual partners (Abed's eyebrow raising especially) was an instant classic. Everyone's reactions were perfect. Jeff and Annie continue to plant seeds of their attraction. That's a promise that should be kept, but not this season, hopefully. Down the road. Way down.

They should really continue with this week's precedent of Britta ditching the leather jackets and wearing flattering outfits. She looked great, and I liked Britta and Jeff working together and screwing up as a team a lot.

I hate Vaughn like Star Burns hates Jeff, but he actually isn't an asshole. I liked that he got Annie in the end. But I loved Troy's attempts to seduce Annie, and his line about "liking things up the butt." And his calling Abed his "other half" and every gay innuendo about the two of them.

Punchkicker and Kickpuncher rule. As does Senior Chang in a tuxedo. And Pierce going to the Greendale sketch comedy team to write him material. "He likes gay jokes."

"Asian. Can't direct and can't drive."
"Dude, I'm right here."

Community wins the NBC Thursday Night 0f 2/4/10 as far as I'm concerned.