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Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Office 6x15 - "Manager and Salesman"

The repeated shots of Jo Bennett's two Maraduke dogs licking Andy's crotch was LOL enough for me, but this was a terrific episode of The Office.

With Kathy Bates as the new owner came a surprising return to the status quo: Jim back as salesman with Michael as sole manager. 

As soon as Pam pointed out to Jim that the Sabre manual said salesmen make more money than managers, the swerve where Michael would become a salesman and Jim would become sole manager was obvious, but then they pulled a double swerve and reset the paradigm back to the way it originally was.

Of course, Michael on the sales floor couldn't have lasted longer than it did. I liked the return of Disruptive Michael not letting anyone get any work done. (Also Dwight's Glengary Glen Ross reference about it no longer being 1992.)

Dwight and Ryan's moving forward on the Diabolical Plot after Jim's promotion and then taking credit for Jim's demotion was great, as was Ryan's failed attempt to crush the soda can to intimidate the new IT guy.

I love that after Erin and Michael reached an understanding at the end of "Scott's Tots", he's so happy with her being so happy being his secretary. It's great how she's the polar opposite of Pam in every way.

Erin: "A dog and a bird!"
Andy: "Snoopy and Woodstock."
Erin: "You named them!"
Andy: "Charles Schulz did."
Erin: "Oh! And they love each other!"

Oh, and Kathy Bates was great. Not sure I'd want to work for her with all her Victorian sweatshop rules about blocking Internet sites, but I'd read Jo Bennett's autobiography. She's a very interesting lady.

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